McLaren's New Sports Car Announced in Geneva

McLaren announced the new Grand Tourer (GT) car at the Geneva Motor Show, all of us dreaming about sports cars. The fair, which opened its doors in Switzerland as of today, is very mobile for many brands. McLaren, one of the most remarkable car manufacturers of the fair, announced today the new GT model.


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McLaren's 1,000-horsepower sports car, Speedtail, has revealed a new car, based on McLaren's CEO Mike Flewitt. It will host. No details have yet been revealed if it is related to the name of the new model.


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Flewitt stated that the segment of the new sports car would be the best and added: "This car provides the comfort required for the driver over long distances, but will not compromise its high level of agility. "

Given the performance of McLaren's recent automobiles, it is not surprising that the new car will hit the top. Flewitt mentioned the company's targets as well as the new car and stated that the company aims to introduce 18 new models by 2025.