Mediamarkt Refutes Allegations That He Sent Water Instead of Telephone

A YouTube user claimed that a bottle of water was sent to him instead of the phone he ordered from Mediamarkt yesterday. After the incident spread on the Internet, Mediamarkt made a series of statements on the subject.

Internet shopping reliability We all know how important it is. Yesterday, a video on YouTube put a finger on this point and made a series of claims, and we have a news We did. A user in the news recognized as a reliable company MediaMarkt In his video about him, he made statements accusing the company and claimed that a water bottle came out of the package he ordered from his smartphone.

The content of the video was remarkable. Samsung A10S model receiving a smart device Oguzhan Yildirim According to the user, Aras KargHalf a liter of water came out of the package that came through it, crushed and unlabeled. Again according to the person’s report MediaMarkt he did not deal with the issue, left the job and threw the blame on the cargo company.

Mediamarkt answered the claims:


Mediamarkt company made a series of statements showing that it is following the matter. In the statement, “As MediaMarkt, it closely monitors the issue that is reflected to the public, in order to share the most accurate information, it is necessary from the first moment of the process to Compare our As a corporation, in order to provide a perfect and complete service, packaging processes of products purchased through and our Call Center video recording We take it under. When we follow the packaging process of the product subject to the complaint, in accordance with procedures and correct we see it realized. Therefore, we inform the public that the related complaint is not related to our institution.”Were included.


Mediamarkt Allegedly Sent A Bottle Of Water To A YouTuber Who Ordered A Telephone (Video) (Updated)

As you can see, all processes under record Mediamarkt firm, explaining that it is absolutely that you don’t accept he clearly stated. The YouTube user who made the claims is another comment did not. Consumers and customers who prefer the company are eagerly awaiting how the event will take shape and what the outcome will be.