Meet The Model That SpaceX Sends Into Space: Ripley

We shared the news that SpaceX will send a model to the International Space Station yesterday. Elon Musk, the company's owner, shared the image of this model called 'Ripley'. . This model, which Musk calls Ripley, is of great importance for the testing phase of the manned space missions that SpaceX will perform with NASA in the future.


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Ripley, who owns many sensors, will provide the necessary information for the project to continue thanks to the data he brought back when he returned to Earth. "We see it as a smart thing. The name is Ripley. We've exaggerated it so we can exaggerate it," said Hans Koenigsmann, executive vice president of construction and flight reliability.
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Ripley, probably the reference to Sigourney Weaver's character in 1979's Alien, is a spiritual follower who went the way of Starman sent to Mars in a Tesla Roadster last year. Ripley, who will show what might happen to the journey to the real astronauts, is wearing the spaceX space suit introduced in August 2017.