Meltem Demirörs: Story of 2019 Bitcoin

Meltem Demirörs, CoinShares CSO (top manager in charge of strategies) participating in CNBC's Fast Money program, expressed his thoughts on the sudden rise of Bitcoin and how investors react to this situation.

Demirörs stated that 2018 was the year of speculations, new tokens and new protocols, and that the story of 2019 was Bitcoin.

Demirörs continued to say that in 2019, Bitcoin was good to see the return of Bitcoin.

Asked whether the rise in Bitcoin in the program was related to trade wars and global growth concerns, Demirörs replied to this question:

çok I don't think there is a direct relationship but indirect effects i have. ler

platform Bitcoin doesn't sound as crazy as it used to be in

Demirörs pointed out that many institutions trying to understand and learn Bitcoin for the last two – three years have now started to understand it and have developed Bitcoin related platforms and products. He said:

ih There are three main issues that we currently see. The first is the growing turmoil in the global market. We see that volatility in the market is quite high. Time has changed. We're not in 2018 anymore. In the capital markets, the end of 2018 was quite seedy. At the moment, we see a high volatility in the shares of technology companies, and perhaps for that, investors turned their eyes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is no longer as crazy as it used to be. “

Demirörs, who talked about secrecy as the second major issue, said that there were great efforts in this area and that some privacy regulations were already coming with the potential to cause great harm to Facebook.

esk Innovation and high It is very attractive for investors seeking growth de

As the third major issue, Demirörs touched on the performances of the shares of the technology company, and we saw a number of technology IPOs (IPOs) that did not perform as the investors wanted, and therefore, a Bitcoin that is linked to traditional finance.

also talked about the price of Bitcoin and whether to climb to higher levels recently, the price is about buying and more. he said that if more people buy and hold, the price will be positively affected.

Noting that the Bitcoin acquisition volume, which was the first way for individual investors to reach Bitcoin, doubled in this quarter, Demirörs finished his speech as follows:

ğ From our own products every day more and more people are taking Bitcoin. Even in bad times. We haven't lost too many customers and our agents (those who don't sell Bitcoin) are too much. Den

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