Men Pollute the World More Than Women

According to a study, the difference in the daily habits of men and women also changes the rate of polluting nature. The research in question reveals that men are more polluting than women.

According to a study published in the Journal of Industrial Ecology menpollutes our planet more than women. The reason for this is that the daily habits of men are more harmful to nature than women. However, both sexes have a common feature that causes the most pollution of nature. This common feature go on a vacation by plane or car. According to experts, if electric trains are used while traveling and a plant-based diet is used, carbon emissions will decrease by 40 percent.

According to the statements made by Annika Carlsson Kanyama, the number one name of the research everyday habitsvaries by gender. For example, a woman; they are more interested in home decoration, health and clothing and spend more money in these areas. If men alcohol, cigaret, eating out eating and gasoline apple They spend more money on things like This means that men pollute the Earth more.

environmental pollution

The research also focuses on what can be done to make our planet more livable. important tips gives. Accordingly, while reducing the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes in men, electric motor turning to automobiles can reduce the amount of carbon released to nature at a very serious rate. In fact, this is happening gradually. Electric motor cars, which are becoming more and more widespread in many countries, if not in Turkey, are the sources of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. in reducing plays an important role.


One of the Rare Beauties of the Pandemic: Global Energy Demand Drops to its Lowest After WWII

The whole world has been under its influence for a while coronavirus pandemicIn fact, it was most beneficial to the Earth. Because people’s staying at home and factories interrupting production significantly reduced carbon emissions and the amount of energy consumed. However, we believe that this situation is temporary and that we all have various duties to keep our planet habitable. keep in mind needs.

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