Messenger: Blackberry wins patent dispute with Facebook

According to a ruling of the Munich district court, several apps offered by the Facebook group violate Blackberry patents. Affected are Whatsapp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The verdict of 6 December 2019 is according to a report the Süddeutsche Zeitung Although not yet legally valid. However, it is "provisionally enforceable",

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This means that if Blackberry deposits a sum of money with the judiciary or gives Facebook a guarantee for security, the apps would have to be taken off the market. According to the newspaper, there are nine cases. For everyone, Blackberry would have to provide between one million euros and 1.6 million euros as collateral.

A spokesman for Facebook has said that new versions of the apps have been programmed, in which the problematic functions are no longer used. Whether this would lead to limitations in the functionality of the applications, is not known. In addition, Facebook have challenged before the Federal Patent Office, the validity of patents.

Blackberry had filed the lawsuit in early 2018. The patents include encryption solutions, integrating messaging services in games, and sending messages, such as how this process is shared between the app and the operating system. Before the lawsuit there were long discussions between the companies, but no agreement was reached.

Blackberry is considered a pioneer in the field of smartphones. The Canadian company had offered mobile devices long before other manufacturers, could be sent via the relatively comfortable messages and mails. The company came with the success of Apple's iPhone and later Google's Android but sidelined.

However, in its heyday, Blackberry had secured many patents on key features and technologies that the company now apparently wants to monetize.

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