Messenger Room Revealed in the Beta Version of WhatsApp

In the past months, it has been announced that video calls from WhatsApp can be moved to a room via Messenger and held as a group conversation with up to 50 people. This feature has begun to be offered gradually to some users.

Over the past few months, group video calls have been on the agenda for WhatsApp. In line with the latest information, Facebook seems to have accelerated Zoom's efforts to share its market share. As promised, now 'Messenger RoomsVideo chat plugin, which allows group calls up to 50 people, has started to be displayed on WhatsApp.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Android and IOS In beta versions, shortcuts started to display your calls to Messenger Room. Users can switch from one application to another directly using these shortcuts.

For now, this feature is only available to some users and countries, so even if you upgrade your WhatsApp version to beta, Messenger Room feature may not be available.

Will come to other Facebook applications

When Facebook first mentioned the Messenger Room application, this application's Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and it can be integrated on the Portal, and with this new information, we understand that Facebook has no intention of wasting any time on the WhatsApp leg. If the tests result as expected, all WhatsApp users are expected to access this feature shortly.

Messenger Room works in the same logic as its competitors, such as Zoom, Teams or Meet. Users can participate in conversations through links even if they do not have a Facebook account. Facebook will also provide great support for the virtual infrastructures of the talks.


Facebook will bring the Messenger Rooms feature to WhatsApp, which will rival Zoom

In this period when we all have to stay in our homes and video chat is of great importance, WhatsApp continues to work on innovations for video calls without using Messenger Room in itself. With the update made in the past days, video group calls for up to 8 people can now be made in WhatsApp. In addition, it continues to develop its own video calling applications on Google.

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