Messenger Telegram deletes right-wing radical group chats

Now Telegram is also taking action against calls to violence and has deleted and blocked dozens of public groups that allegedly contain calls for violence. A spokesman for the messenger has confirmed to TechCrunch that many of the groups can be assigned to the right-wing radical and white-supremacy spectrum. The Telegram review is still ongoing.

Numerous social networks have tightened their guidelines after the US Capitol storm and are trying to crack down on potential calls for violence. “Our terms of use prohibit public calls to violence”, zitiert TechCrunch Mike Ravdonikas, Spokesman for Telegram. The now blocked channels would have reached thousands of people. Telegram will continue to keep a close eye on the situation.

According to TechCrunch, some groups have been able to create backups and have published them in other locations and have made recommendations to the subscribers as to where they can continue to exchange ideas should the previous groups and accounts be blocked.

At the same time, Telegram can look back on millions of new users. However, this is more related to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, which states that outside of the European Region, data will be shared with all Facebook companies for advertising purposes. In addition, there is false information in which it is claimed that Facebook can read messages – these are still end-to-end encrypted worldwide.

Facebook, like Twitter and YouTube, blocked the accounts of the incumbent US President Donald Trump, as he had called for people to come to the Capitol in Washington. The risk of giving Donald Trump back his account after a one-day ban is simply too great, says Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. It has been shown that Trump wants to use the remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful change at the top of the country.


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