Mesut Özil’s Esports Team Founded 2 Years Ago: M10 eSports

Mesut Özil, the star of the green fields, is also very involved with video games as well as his interest in football. The star football player, who even founded a team called M10 eSports about 2 years ago, aims to find and raise young people who are dedicated to e-sports.

German football player of Turkish origin, who has not been off the agenda with his transfer to Fenerbahçe Mesut Ozil Although we meet his talents in green fields, he is not bad with video games. So much so that the star football player, in recent years, has a e-spor even established the organization.

Virtual footballWhile becoming more and more popular around the world, a name like Mesut Özil, who came out of the green fields, establishing such a team means that the growing industry reaches more people and millions of people meet with e-sports. Mesut Ozil’s M10 Sports also in its eponymous organization Fortnite and FIFA include teams for.

Mesut Özil’s e-sports team: M10

Mesut Ozil

According to the information on the website of the organization, Özil, passion for games and e-sports and created this organization to build a home for dedicated young players where they can thrive to become the e-sports stars of tomorrow.

2018 Germany-based M10 Esports, which was launched in FIFA Although he is famous for his team, today he is more Fortnite stands out with. The FIFA team at the end of last year scattered is known.


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Mesut Özil, whose social media accounts are followed by millions of people, FIFA eWorld Cup Final 2018’in also became the official brand ambassador. We look forward to what the e-sports organization, the foundations of which the star football player has laid, will do in the coming periods.