Mete Atatüre has been awarded the 2020 Thomas Young Medal

Continuing his studies at Cambridge University, Turkish scientist Prof. Dr. Mete Atatüre was awarded the 2020 Thomas Young Medal by the Institute of Physics.

As a scientific institution with a history of 150 years and nearly 50 thousand members worldwide Institute of Physicsis a world-renowned scientist in the field of solid state quantum optical systems. Prof. Dr. Mete AtatüreAwarded the 2020 Thomas Young Medal.

Prof. Dr. Atatüre is given each year to appreciate and reward scientists who contribute to physics Thomas Young Medal and Award‘What; He has been awarded for his pioneering work in the field of quantum optics in semiconductors and diamond and for exciting applications in quantum technologies.

mete atatüre

Making statements to the Evolution Tree on the subject, Prof. Dr. Atatüre, “This award is very meaningful to me in terms of recognition of the work we have done with our team and our efforts. Today, awards are usually given to individuals; however, in modern science almost never a single person achieves great success. There’s always a teamwork, a huge laboratory has labor. Consequently, this also applies to all of our work. Therefore, although this award is given to me in name, it actually belongs not only to me, but to all of our team members with whom I have worked in the past and now ”. used the expressions.

mete atatüre

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