Metrobus Wind Generated Electricity

We have once again seen how much our opportunity to benefit from renewable energy sources is thanks to a successful project that Kerem Deveci engineer has designed and tested.

Although our country does not evaluate as much as it is now, almost cut to produce.


When an engineer used his Metrobus, which he probably spent hours each day,
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Kerem Deveci has had the opportunity to develop his project with İTÜ Kernel and to pass on his life. The name of the project is ENLIL and actually works basically with a simple logic. The project, which is currently being tested on the scene, will convert the wind generated by metrobus into electricity. At the same time, thanks to solar panels, ENLIL, which will also benefit from solar energy, has different qualities besides producing energy.


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At the same time ENLIL will measure the weather, pressure, humidity, carbon dioxide ratio and report earthquakes. IETT approached the Topkapı station for the project and the tests were carried out for a while. We are planning to position 300 turbines with successful tests. It is said that 300 turbines, which will be installed in a 1 km area, will require 20.000 household electricity. In addition, the electricity needs of the metro stop will be covered on this count.