Mexican Food Themed Instagram Filter: Taco Bell

One of the companies that actively use social media and follow the trends is the recently popular 'Which are you?' Filters adapted to menu. The Taco Bell filter, which tells you which dish is right for you, satisfies the customers of the famous restaurant chain.

2020 brought many trends. One of these trends, often spreading rapidly through social media 'Which one are you?' Instagram filters that show random characters. 'Which Disney character?', 'Which cat?', 'Which hero?' or 'Which horoscope?' These camera effects, such as face detection and working through face detection, have recently been featured on almost everyone's Instagram posts.

These trends, which we see on social media and which are generally short-term, can be very easy advertising tools for companies. This is also the case for the camera effects. Benefiting from the blessings of social media to make its name known Taco Bell, created a camera effect showing which Mexican food you are.

'Internet personality tests like …'

taco bell instagram effect

Taco Bell Social and Digital Strategy Leader Erica Prime said yesterday that these Instagram filters were filled in on the Internet. personality tests he said. In fact, this may be true because the personality tests on the Internet and the Instagram filters are not exactly accurate estimates.

Claiming that there is at least one dish for everyone on their menu, Taco Bell has created an Instagram filter like this. The Taco Bell effect, where you can find out whether you are a Quesarito, a Mexican Pizza or a Quesadilla, doesn't give the name of the dish and just shows you a picture. So do not yet a branch in Turkey before at least once Taco to be eaten meals Bell needed because the United States very popular restaurant chain in order to understand which food is right for you in the restaurant and there are some options you'll see in other restaurants on the menu.


Anyone Can Create Instagram Effect With Facebook's Augmented Reality Tool

You can find the filter on the official Instagram account:

taco bell

If you want to try the filter it is not difficult to find. As you know, it is possible to use the same filter by clicking on the name of the effect in someone else's Instagram filtered story, or instead of waiting for someone to use the filter Taco Bell's Official Instagram account You can find the filter by going there.

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