Microsoft Calls Chrome Contacts

Insider test program users who install Windows Update October 10, 2018 are getting warnings by Windows to use Edge when they try to install a web browser outside of Edge

Microsoft does not warn Windows 10 users about installing Chrome or Firefox prepared. Software giant Microsoft's testers noticed a new change that occurred when trying to set up a competing web browser.

While this warning may be rejected, it is a warning that when you run the Chrome or Firefox installers on the latest Windows 10 October 2018 update, it is the most secure and fastest web browser for Windows 10, is another example of how Windows 10 fills with annoying ads and pop-ups. Similar warnings are coming out, Chrome and Firefox pushing users to use Edge, but the last thing they did was a big step in Microsoft's battle against Chrome. We do not know why Microsoft is causing this annoying warning, especially if all of these warnings are making it inconvenient to push Windows 10 users to use Edge.

Microsoft has already been constantly sending notifications to Chrome users about switching to Edge, 'OneDrive was taking out ads and installing a ton of useless applications on Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft has also tried to make Windows 10 Mail users use Edge for all mail links, but the company had to take back this change as a result of the response. This time the warnings will turn out when you want to install a browser other than Edge, but Microsoft's "Windows as a Service" model will be shaped by the feedback of test users.