Microsoft Edge has problems playing YouTube videos

With the new Edge browser, there are difficulties playing YouTube videos. The affected area is simply black for affected users. And in the browser window of the new Microsoft Edge, the player shows an error message ‘An error occurred when trying to play a YouTube video. Please try again later. (Playback ID: [video_id]) ’.

The author of this article is on the published tech community post Known Issue – Adblock causing errors on YouTube encountered. Microsoft is therefore aware of the bug and the developers state that the problem occurs in all versions (Developer, Canary, Stable etc.) of the new Chromium-based edge browser. This means that all clones of the Google Chromium browser (e.g. Vivaldi, Iron etc.) should be affected.

According to Microsoft, user feedback shows that the playback problem occurs in connection with the use of the browser extensions AdBlock (Plus) or Adblock for Youtube. Microsoft is currently investigating the problem and trying to find the cause. As a workaround, the developers suggest deactivating the AdBlock (Plus) browser extensions and updating the page in question.

The exact cause that is responsible for this problem seems currently unclear. Microsoft is therefore asking affected users for feedback. If the error occurs, the Microsoft Edge developers would like to know whether this error message also occurs without an adblock extension and whether the above-mentioned workaround (deactivate the adblocker and update the page) corrects the error.

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For the feedback, the three-dot menu has to be opened and the commands “Help and Feedback -> Send feedback” have to be selected. A description can then be written in a form window. The user can use a check box to have diagnostic data collected and added to the feedback.

In the author’s blog has a user this comment with another error description. This bug only affects the developer and canary versions of the Chromium-based edge browser. If the mini player was used to play a YouTube video, there are display problems when switching to full screen display.

Edge is also criticized because the browser grabs data from other browsers – without consent. This includes bookmarks, cookies and settings.


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