Microsoft Launches New Windows 10 Edition

The latest version of Windows 10, expected to be publicly released by Microsoft in October, is being rolled out for those included in the Windows Insider program.

Microsoft is about to finalize its final preparations for the Redstone 5 update, which is in the long-running testing phase.

In addition to removing many of the errors, users will be able to put them at the daemon and can not remove them at all, the right-hand-laid-in-release version It also removes the number and the name. With the new update, you will no longer have to struggle with 'watermark'.


            You can download Microsoft's Legacy Windows 95 as an Application

You must have already been involved in the beta program to get the new Windows update, which fixes many problems, such as the problem of not updating the games, sticking to the taskbar and freezing the taskbar. If you are wondering what the new version is bringing in because it is not considered a new user for the Windows Insider program, you will have to wait for it to be published.