Microsoft Launches Teams Free Version

Microsoft is using a free version of Teams, the in-team communications platform that it serves in 2016.

Microsoft Teams, an in-team communications and sharing platform announced as a competitor to Slack in November 2016, now employs more than 200,000 businesses. However, the creation of a paid platform for Microsoft Teams caused small businesses and freelancers to prefer Slack instead of Microsoft Teams.


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Slack is a paid and free platform. Those who use Slack for free can go back only 10 thousand lines in the chat history. In addition, the free version has a 5GB file recording limit. You can also only perform 1: 1 video calls in Slack in the free version and integrate a limited number of applications.

However, there are no user limits for Slack. For this reason, almost none of the above-mentioned limitations prevent the businesses and freelancers from choosing Slack. For this reason, Microsoft has released a free version of Teams, its own in-team communications platform.


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The free version of Teams has a limit of 300 users. So if you're an over 300 person, Slack is still the best platform for you. However, Teams has a 2 GB file storage limit and 10 GB file storage limit for group communication. More importantly, Teams has in-group voice and video calling capabilities.

Teams have no limit for application integration. Even Microsoft is continuing to develop more paid and free features for Teams. Later in the year, Teams will have the ability to blur the background for video calls. Thus, freelancers who do not want to show up inside the house will be able to blur the background.


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As a result, Microsoft released a free version of Teams to bring the competition to Slack even higher, and Teams, for teams under 300, seem to be a better quality application than Slack. We will find out later how the free Teams version will react to businesses.