Microsoft Releases Mandalorian Themed Xbox Controller

Microsoft has released a new Xbox controller with the theme The Mandalorian. It is estimated that this limited number of game controllers will be the last special product of the current generation consoles. In addition, the price of the game controller, which is currently in pre-order, burns pocket money.

Microsoft, which has made many interesting and interesting campaigns and works before, is coming up with a new one. Earlier Cyberpunk 2077 themed Xbox One and controller, the Wonder Woman-themed Xbox One, Microsoft, this time handled the Star Wars universe.

Microsoft has released a new game controller with The Mandalorian theme, which will be released for the second season at the end of this month. Of course, like many other themed products Mandalorian-themed Xbox controller was also produced in a limited number.

Mandalorian-themed Xbox controller

xbox the mandalorian themed controller

The Mandalorian, whose first season was released after 2019 and won the admiration of fans, has also found its way to Xbox controllers with its new season. However, this particular game controller is thought to be the last limited number of custom controllers Microsoft will release for the current generation. Your company, Xbox Series X It is much more likely to do this kind of work for new consoles and new game controllers.

xbox mandalorian themed controller

It is seen that an armor-coated design has been adopted in the game controller, which you can see from above. This armor-coated design language is used both on the front and back of the game controller. Also on the back of the controller is The Child, or what is known among fans. Baby YodaIncludes an image of.

xbox mandalorian themed controller


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The pre-order of this controller has started from the Microsoft Store. The price tag carried by this limited number of game controllers is $ 169.99. Also as a release date December 31, 2020 showing. However, it is estimated that this date is an appointment date and the actual release date will be announced soon.

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