Microsoft Said to Postpone Surface Neo

It turns out that Microsoft's dual-screen computer, Surface Neo, will delay its release date. The software giant aims primarily to optimize the Windows 10X operating system to single screen devices.

Microsoft's dual-screen computer running Windows 10X Surface neoIt is reported that has decided to postpone the release date. The software giant is changing its focus to make Windows 10X work better on dual-screen devices and single-screen devices like 2-in-1 devices.

According to news from ZDNet and CNBC, Microsoft's Product Officer Panos Panay informed his team that the company will not release dual screen Surface Neo devices this year. In addition, Windows 10X It is stated that other manufacturers who plan to release the devices to the market will also have to postpone their plans.

Windows 10X also targets single screen devices

microsoft surface duo

Microsoft's new priority is Windows 10X first on single screen devices use. With the decision to delay computers with Windows 10X, Microsoft may be aiming to compete against Chromebook with both single-screen devices and 2-in-1s.

Surface Neo was known to be released with Microsoft's dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo. But the company's Android-based Surface duoIt is stated that there is no plan to postpone the release date. The software giant leaves unanswered requests for disclosure. Both reports reveal that the coronavirus pandemic is not effective in the delay.

To date, Microsoft has only talked about Windows 10X in the context of dual-screen and foldable devices. However, the leaks that occurred after Windows 10X was announced, to laptops also shows that it will come.

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