Microsoft: Windows 10 confused with pop-up window

Windows 10 has recently shown a pop-up message again. The dialogue “Get even more out of Windows” is displayed on some systems during operation. The message provides information about various Windows 10 functions such as Windows Hello, Microsoft 365, Onedrive or smartphone synchronization. That reports the Windows blog Windows Latest.

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Usually, however, it is displayed after a major Windows update or after a complete reinstallation, which is not the case here and has therefore caused confusion for some people. has also already received the message – on test devices and desktop PCs with Windows 10 Build 19041. However, the messages can also be switched off.

Pop-up is opt-out

Windows 10 has integrated a submenu in the system settings. There is an option under Notifications and Actions “Suggest ways to complete my device setup to get the most out of Windows”. If this is deselected, the pop-up should no longer appear. However, the option seems to automatically activate itself at a time, because all notifications were actually switched off on a work computer.

There is also another way to stop the pop-ups. For this, the directory is in the registry editor “HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion UserProfileEngagement” called. The entry ScoobeSystemSettingEnabled should be set to 0 for this. If this does not exist, it can be created manually.

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