Microsoft's Free GitHub Users

According to a statement from Microsoft, GitHub Free users will now have unlimited private storage until they have three collaborations. I was very worried about the developers. Although the company said GitHub would continue to serve as an independent company and maintain its community, many developers had started to use other services such as GitLab and BitBucket

. The process proved to be beneficial for developers. According to the statement, GitHub Free users will now have unlimited private storage. However, the number of collaborators for projects will be limited to three. Users who want to include more collaborators in the project will need to pay a fee.

Collaborative limitation will only apply to private storage. Since there is no change in the operation of the service in public storage, an unlimited number of collaborators can be included in the projects. Also GitHub Developer is now called GitHub Pro. Offering all the features of GitHub Free, GitHub Pro offers unlimited collaborator and advanced code review tools in custom storage.


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The company also made an announcement about Enterprise Cloud, formerly known as GitHub Business Cloud, and GitHub Enterprise, a new unified product for Enterprise Server, formerly known as GitHub Enterprise. With this product, users who use GitHub in the cloud or in their own configuration pay only a single fee. All these updates are considered to be the first step Microsoft has taken to recover users leaving the platform.