Microsoft's Updates Are More Stable

Microsoft's outstanding operating system, Windows 10 on the updates are running at full speed. On April 2018, one of the most useful updates received a major boost in performance.

Major updates are often given step-by-step, not just in one go. Microsoft is based on variables such as failures, failures, incompatibilities, and so on, experienced in the oldest systems as a source of improvements to new updates. But the latest major update is a significant departure from the others with a feature called "machine learning." You've probably heard this phrase before, because machine learning is seen as a subclass of artificial intelligence. How did Microsoft implement this new system in its operating system? [19659003] According to the information received, the new update is being actively used in over 250 million of the 700 million total Windows 10 devices in the AdDublex data search, which may actually appear slightly higher than the actual number due to the collection of ad-supported store applications. it predicts possible errors, slows down the operating system, or predicts errors that can occur on the system, and applies some fixes accordingly. Of course, with every update,


It is possible to publish correction patches,
            Microsoft officially ended the Forum Support for Windows 7/8 / 8.1

Another issue is that updates in small pieces are faster and less problematic than other major updates. Microsoft says that with the new system, there are less than 20% stability issues compared to the old ones, and the error reports generated by Windows 10 are getting smaller with every update. That is, the latest update packages contain fewer errors than the previous ones.