Minecraft Comes to Interactive Stories on Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode will be released on Netflix this year. According to the new statement, interactive stories will also be available in Story Mode.

Previously, we shared that Netflix will add games to its broadcast service. The agreement between Netflix and Telltale Games announced that Minecraft: Story Mode was the first game to enter the broadcast service. Minecraft: Story Mode will be composed of five episodes and will be published during the year. Players will be able to play the game using any remote control that has location-direction and selection buttons.


You will not have to buy extra equipment to enjoy more from the game.
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Although Telltale's games are often dialogue-based, some of the action sections in Story Mode are not mentioned in Netflix. In addition, it was announced that there will be "interactive stories" in the likeness of the stories that we published last summer.


Although some players do not like interactive stories very much,
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Telltale stated that they did not comment on the rumors, they were in the process of communicating with Netflix.