Minecraft Player Dream’s Speedrun Defense Denied

The Speedrun defense of Dream, the talented Minecraft player who was posted on YouTube in 2020 and reached 15 million subscribers within months, was denied. Dream was trying to deal with the allegation that his Speedrun, which he managed to make to the world list, was a fake.

Since video games were released, some players have been trying to finish them as soon as possible. “Speedrun” called this event, has increased its popularity today. The name behind Speedrun’s increase in popularity is a Minecraft player: Dream.

Using the name “Dream” on YouTube and in the game, the player has achieved a rare success in the YouTube world for the last 1 year. Started YouTube in 2020 and 15 million subscribers in a few months Dream has become one of the most controversial names in the internet world recently.

Dream’s Speedrun defense was also denied:


Dream with Speedrun in Minecraft 1.16.1 to be among the world record holders had succeeded. Following this, Dream’s success, Considering all the statistics and possibilities of Minecraft was denied. Dream, its own success Photoexcitation by hiring an expert named and sharing his possibilities.

Here is a new development today about the statistics and probabilities shared by that expert named Photoexcitation. The Minecraft Speedrunning team reported on the accuracy of the calculations used in the report, which explained Dream’s one-millionth chance. that there are gaps stated.



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As we mentioned, the main reason for the controversy about Dream’s Speedrun it was luck factor. To be able to finish the game in a short period of time in Minecraft, you have to be born in the perfect place, find everything as you were looking for, and make no mistake in any way. Dream is your chance to come across in Speedrun even though he’s a skilled Minecraft player that there is no natural chance it is believed.

Data previously published by Minecraft Speedrunning moderators is based on Dream’s Minecraft playing with your data he was pointing. Allegedly, Dream did not take advantage of Minecraft’s standard luck factor to complete its Speedrun in less time.

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