Minecraft Server for Students from Quarantine from Poland

As in all parts of the world, in Poland, people are in 14-day compulsory quarantine. Students make up a significant portion of these people. The Polish Government will set up a Minecraft server for them.

Schools in many countries due to coronavirus outbreak before training Search He was giventhen education was moved to the virtual environment. Students also isolation processes started to join. Poland was one of the countries where this process took place.

Country Ministry of Digitalizationfor students who cannot leave their home during the quarantine Minecraft announced that the server will open. Thus, students will have a pleasant time while staying at home.

Fun education for students

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Poland government to students only Minecraft will not turn on the server and wait for them to play games. Actually, the game Grarantann to It's also part of a larger suite of online activities called. Its aim is to ensure that students have fun and do not lag behind education. The system includes modules for historical tests, logic puzzles, logic games and even role-playing games.


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Grarantann to On minecraft server Students will struggle fiercely in creative mode to produce copies of historical buildings. Students in this mode endless source Can be used. The event started today, On March 27 will end.

What it takes to join the server Minecraft An original copy of the game and a Polish student card. Once after entering the server, to be followed to behavior There is a list of.

Students will make their own games

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Grarantann to also in the program A 5 day game development event also takes place. In this five-day program, the aim ispromotion”To produce their own games with the theme. The winning game will be selected at the end of the event. event High school students up to 19 years old Can participate.

In our country, students distance education A platform that it can take has been announced. On that platform too additional activities A Minecraft server, of course, does not exist, although it is stated. Poland seems to have followed an interesting path at this point.