Mini Mining Farm Installed in the Trunk of BMW i8

Simon Byrne, who owns a crypto mining farm, also built a mini mining farm in the trunk of his BMW i8. Byrne says his goal is only to annoy the players.

When it comes to BMW i8, you can think of a magnificent start-up performance that can accelerate to 100 km / h in under 4.5 seconds, the enormous power of 369 hp from the internal combustion and electric motor, or a dazzling design. But Simon Byrne’s BMW i8has a feature that sets it apart from all of these.

Byrne puts 6 RTX 3080 graphics cards in the trunk of his BMW i8. mini mining farm has set up. Byrne, which normally has a mining farm of 78 RTX 3080s, uses the mini-farm behind his vehicle to mine while away from his main farm.

BMW i8

According to Simon Byrne’s statement, the BMW i8 exceeds the power output required by 6 graphics cards. While all the mining equipment in the trunk of the vehicle needs 1500W output; of i8 3500W power output has capacity. The only problem is that the tailgate has to be left open to prevent equipment from overheating during such a high power job.

Byrne asked why he built a mining farm in the trunk of his car. “Just to annoy the players” gives the answer. It is difficult to guess how successful it is in this regard, but this interesting project shows that electric cars can do more than go from point A to point B with their power.

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