‘Misogynist statements’: Ex-Facebook manager has to leave Apple

Apple corrected a controversial personnel decision within a short period of time: the advertising specialist Antonio García Martínez, who once helped set up Facebook’s ad targeting team, left the iPhone company just a few days after being hired.

Apple employees had recently called in an internal letter to investigate the new hiring: The “misogynistic statements” in García Martínez ‘book Chaos Monkey stand in “direct contrast to Apple’s commitment to inclusion and diversity”, it says in the letter, which apparently around 2000 employees signed within a short period of time.

Just a few hours later, Apple confirmed across from The Vergethat the manager no longer works for the company. The company strives to create an inclusive work environment in which “everyone is respected and accepted,” the company said. There is no place for discriminatory behavior.

The stumbling block are passages from García Martínez’s book published in 2016 Chaos Monkey, a kind of autobiographical insider settlement with Silicon Valley. Especially the phrase that most women in the San Francisco Bay Area are “weak, pampered, and naive […] and generally just talk shit, “was highlighted as an example. One wanted to know why his” published views on women and people of color were overlooked or ignored, “says the letter from Apple employees.

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More from Mac & i

It appears to have been the first time that Apple employees have actively joined forces against new hires. It is just tiring to work as a woman in the technology industry, wrote an Apple employee on Twitter – you are sitting across from men “who, based on my gender, think I’m soft, weak and generally only talk shit”.

The employment of García Martínez by Apple just a few days ago also caused astonishment: At the same time as the introduction of the tracking transparency initiative in iOS 14.5, which the advertising industry vehemently opposed, Apple has just started its own advertising business with more prominent search advertising in the App Store expanded. The former Facebook executive’s hiring suggested that Apple wanted to make its advertising business a more important line of business.


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