Mobeewave: iPhones should receive money wirelessly

With the iPhone you can pay wirelessly without any problems, but so far you have not been able to receive money with it. Apple now wants to change that and has bought Mobeewave. This startup is concerned with an NFC (Near Field Communication) function, with which smartphones can work like a card terminal. This enables not only business owners but also private individuals to accept money.

Job market

  1. ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt
  2. Deutsche Leasing AG, Bad Homburg v.d. height

Mobeewave’s system allows money to be transferred to another smartphone by credit card or smartphone.

A report from Bloomberg Apple has spent $ 100 million on the startup. There is no official confirmation for this.

Apple is said to have taken over all Mobeewave team members. The Canadian company has given no details of the takeover, Apple confirmed the purchase with its typical statement: “Apple purchases small technology companies from time to time, and we generally don’t discuss our purpose or plans.”.

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