Mobile communications: CDU General Secretary Ziemiak wants European 5G champion

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak has spoken out in favor of creating a leading European 5G group. “We need a European 5G champion with whom we are independent of China and the USA”Ziemiak said to the Handelsblatt. You need “a functioning 5G ecosystem of innovative, small, medium-sized and large companies”.

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Europe must play a leading role in the communication technologies of the future. “That is why we have to improve the framework conditions for European technology providers and strengthen the innovative strength of our companies”the CDU politician demanded.

With Ericsson and Nokia, however, there is a Swedish and a Finnish mobile operator in Europe. There are also Huawei and ZTE from China and Samsung from South Korea. Cisco from the United States has no radio access network expertise. Qualcomm is an expert in 5G chips. The German network operators Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone have declared that they do not want to do without Huawei as a supplier.

Ericsson acquired the antenna and filter department of the German company Kathrein with around 4,000 specialists in 2019.

Ziemiak defended an active role of the state in building the digital infrastructure. “If the expansion of 4G and 5G in the city and country is to take place quickly, government support is needed”said Ziemiak. It had been seen that dead spots would not disappear quickly enough without additional government measures. “That is why a state-owned mobile communications infrastructure company is currently being established, which is now receiving additional funds so that we can also become a leader at 5G.”

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