Mobile Games Elite: Twisted rooms and crazy zombies on the go

Games for mobile platforms can graphically in most cases not keep up with the titles of powerful consoles or even PCs – a smart phone or tablet simply lacks the necessary power. In terms of gameplay, however, the small programs literally play in their own league with special requirements. They should be easy to play and uncomplicated – and, at best, endless fun.

An obscure, but all the more fascinating master of this form is the designer Michael Brough. The New Zealander has been creating minimalist strategy and jigsaw puzzles for just under a decade, mainly for iOS, which are inspired by original game mechanics. So unique are his games that in the fanbase of "Brough-likes"That's when small and strategic titles score with depth and originality.

The current Brough game P1 Select (iOS from 7.0, about 3.50 euros, also on itch available) is as ingenious as earlier works and at the same time accessible. In terms of presentation, however, it is a typical "Brough-like": Not initiates turn away at the sight of the crude graphics probably directly wrongly: Who ignores the externals, will again be rewarded with an exceptional game.

Do not worry: the remaining mobile games recommendations also please the eye. Have fun with our selection of the most interesting games for smartphone and tablet!

Rooms: The villa of the toy maker

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An insider tip is now also available on the go: Rooms – The Villa of the Toy Maker is a lovingly made, original puzzle game that converts the known sliding puzzles in the digital and polished.

By strategically moving the individual rooms in the mechanical villa of the toy maker, you can overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and clear the way to the next puzzle.

As with all good jigsaw puzzles, after simple entry, new elements are slowly being added, and the demands on the little gray cells are increasing rapidly until you really have to make an effort.

150 puzzles introduce players to a non-trivial task; Thanks to a nice presentation and lots of variety, puzzle fans will have their fun here for a long time.

Available for iOS 9+ and Android 5.1+; around 5.50 euros.