'Mobile Phone' Protest from 7-year-old German Child

A walk in Germany's Hamburg city caused a major repercussions in the country.

Emil Rustige, aged 7, took a walk under the slogan "Do not play with me, not with your cell phone" "I wanted to play with my friends in the park, but my dad did not let me, so I wanted to play with my dad, but he was constantly playing with his phone."

Emil then told the mother about the situation and asked permission from her. In order to avoid any problems with Emil's mother, the police reported the 'march'.

The German policeman, who took security measures around the children, said, "We are serious about the actions of children."

Emil, at the age of seven, handed the megaphone during the demonstration and said, "We speak here in a loud voice because our parents do not hear us"

A protest that nearly 150 children attended and that many parents were spectators ended without any problems.