Mobile: White-spot auction not in violation of expansion requirements

The state mobile communications company should not close any gaps that mobile operators have created by failing to meet supply requirements. This said Breko-CEO (Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation) Stephan Albers on September 9, 2019. "Overall, we speak of only a few households that are not covered by existing expansion obligations of mobile operators." State aid from a MIG (mobile infrastructure company) could make sense here.

Job market

  1. SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG, Bruchsal
  2. Information and Technology North Rhine-Westphalia (IT.NRW), Hagen, Dusseldorf

The 5-Point Mobile Strategy Plan (PDF) includes white-spot auctions. Unproven areas are to be summarized and advertised. The company with the lowest subsidy requirement for development will be awarded the contract and federal funding.

By the MIG are in the "white mobile radio spots" initially suitable locations for mobile masts are identified. These masts are to be built by companies that commission MIG. The municipalities are responsible for the administration and erection of the masts.

According to Albers, the Federal Government should restrict the activities of MIG exclusively to the erection of mobile masts. For the connection of the masts with glass fiber there are numerous network operators on the market. The same applies to the equipment of the masts with hardware. The Breko spoke in favor of the fact that an MIG on the glass fiber market possibly acts as a buyer.

Bitkom IT industry president Achim Berg said: "A lot can be achieved with just a few targeted measures – network operators often lack suitable locations for new mobile masts, and federal, state and local governments can make a major contribution to grid expansion by providing public properties to the investing companies." In many places, lengthy approval procedures would slow down expansion. Here the countries are required to simplify the building regulations and planning law. So the height for approval-free masts should be raised and minimum clearance areas should be reduced.