Model 3 Tracking Mode Updated

Electric cars in our country are still not very common.

Tesla's cheapest car The performance configuration of the Model 3 is one of the best price / performance tools for electric car enthusiasts, but if you own Tesla's Model 3, the biggest electric car maker, .


Track Mode, which will be coming soon in the car,
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But we have a problem with this mode. To get the Tracking Mode, you need to select the performance configuration instead of the car's base configuration. After you make this selection, you should also get an upgrade package. But if you are a minority who uses electric cars and you have not only picked up the performance configuration, do not worry. Because Tesla acknowledged that they were working on a Tracking Mode that could be loaded later. Although we did not specify a price tag for this later upgrade, we think it will be more than $ 5,000.

"We're working on a Performance enhancement solution for post-installation when Tracking Mode is available."

Some model 3 models will probably not be able to upgrade later. Because it is easier and less expensive to add the Tracking Mode to performance configurations that include speed limiters, carbon fiber spoilers, and improved suspensions. It would not be realistic to be able to turn a car at the most basic level into a monster with a single update.