Modern Warfare 2's New Game Coming

Modern Warfare 2, which takes its place among the legends of the CoD series, will meet the players this year with brand new graphics. Infinity Ward, the developer of CoD games, will soon introduce the new member of the legendary FPS game series. The Call of Duty fans will be as happy as ever, because according to the new information, Infinity Ward will introduce a new CoD game as well as the revamp of a legendary CoD game

            The Call of Duty Never Ends and the Amazing Story Before Christ

PEGI (European Gaming Rating Board), who gave the games a score, shared the scoring and scoring statistics for a game by mistake (!) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. Following the discovery of this sharing by the masses, PEGI quickly removed everything about this game from the website.


            Explain the Expectations of the Next Call of Duty Game

Activison, the distributor of the game, has no official explanation. PEGI, which is a company that exceeds the promise in the game industry, examines the game in detail and shows its score on the website. We hope to see the game as soon as possible.