Mona Lisa's Eyes Are Not Following You

A continuous work on Leanorda Da Vinci's famous work, Mona Lisa, continues to surprise us. In the latest study, it was revealed that Mona Lisa's eyes did not follow us.

Many art-lovers say that when they look at the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous painting, Mona Lisa, the painting follows. It was mentioned by so many people that it was called 3 Mona Lisa Effect. Isi


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This mysterious phenomenon is now officially confirmed, but scientists say that there is no such thing in the Mona Lisa painting. Knowing that Mona Lisa's gaze is no longer on you as you wander through the Louvre museum will comfort you to know. Again in the same report, Mona Lisa in the pictorial area of ​​35.5 cm left-handed is a 15.4 degree angle for someone looking at the table in real life, he said. The experiments are evidence. So Mona Lisa is looking to your right, not you. For Mona Lisa effect, there should be a maximum deviation of 5 degrees.


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People are actually very good at understanding whether photographs or tables are looking at them. You might think that the person in a table looking at you (0 degrees) is looking at you, even if you have a little deviation, but the deviation in Mona Lisa is much more than that.