Monday: Apple security update, NFT tokens, Mars utopias and Corona criticism

While Apple is already shipping the second security update this month, non-fungible tokens are causing a sensation in the art world. But what is behind these NFTs and what can you do with them? Maybe NFT friend Elon Musk will bring these tokens to Mars too if he builds a colony there for hundreds of thousands, but is this realistic?

A realistic holiday destination, on the other hand, is Mallorca and the Germans flock to the island in their thousands for their Easter holidays. But what do you do if the corona test required to return is positive? Meanwhile, a virologist describes the Covid-19 mass vaccination as a horror scenario and calls for a completely new vaccination strategy. The most important of the day and weekend in brief.

Apple already has one on Friday night important emergency patch for iOS released. iOS 14.4.2 is a surprising security update for iOS 14 and iOS 12. Owners of Apple devices can download iOS or iPadOS version 14.4.2 and iOS 12.5.2, but also and watchOS version 7.3.3. It is already the second security patch for iOS in March. iOS 14.4.1 plugged a serious vulnerability in Apple’s browser engine WebKit and the current updates are intended to close another WebKit gap.

Patches and updates are extremely important, but not worthy of any hype. “Non-fungible tokens”, on the other hand, are included and NFTs have not only reached the art and creative world, but were also discovered by investors as a new form of investment. heise online explains what kind of technology is behind this million-dollar hype, what NFT tokens are and what you can do with them beyond the hype.

Elon Musk has already composed a song about NFTs and initially wanted to sell it as NFT. The Tesla founder, however, has bigger plans and wants Build a colony on Mars – for hundreds of thousands. In a recent interview, Musk quoted world-renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan, suggesting that humans might emigrate to Mars in the near future. In Missing Link heise online gives an overview of the Starship and the Mars utopias of Elon Musk as well as the difficulties of life on Mars.

There are also problems facing Mallorca visitors, who have already flown in their thousands to the popular holiday island for their Easter weekend break. From Tuesday, air travelers from all countries are required to have a corona test before returning and people who have tested positive are not allowed to fly. But on the one hand the test infrastructure on Mallorca is only just being set up and on the other hand it is unclear what will happen to the holidaymakers who tested positive in Spain. A Mallorcan daily therefore declared, “Germany leaves tourists on Mallorca to their fate”.

The corona vaccinations should finally contain the pandemic effectively, but one Virologist calls for a completely new vaccination strategy. According to this, Covid-19 mass vaccinations are a horror scenario, because we do not yet understand the virus and also do not know how the vaccines work – especially for already infected but asymptomatic people. With the current vaccination strategy, we would lose the most valuable part of our immune system, our innate immune system, explains Corona dissident Vanden Bossche. This in turn provokes contradictions from other scientists. Telepolis explains why the vision is not a horror scenario.

Also important:

  • On Sunday night the clocks were put forward by one hour. As every year, there is criticism of the time change.
  • In the current economic crisis, citizens are hoarding billions – a consumption backlog in Germany. But nobody expects a boom in consumption anytime soon – not even after the pandemic.
  • With the Ryzen 5000 processor series, AMD improves support for very fast memory. But is it worth buying overclocking bars or is it a waste of money? That brings faster RAM in the Ryzen 5000.


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