Monero's desktop application ready for release

 Features of Monero's desktop application version 1.0.0 RC
Features of Monero's desktop application version 1.0.0 RC

In a statement made by Monero yesterday, the new JavaScript version of the website called "MyMonero" It was announced. Monero is one of the leading crypto currencies designed to create an anonymous and robust trading platform, with no third party intervention.

Features of Monero's desktop application version 1.0.0 RC

Monero, $ 2.5 billion

New features in Version 1.0.0 RC include:

  • Desktop upgrades for Electron 2.0.2
  • New features of Version 1.0.0 RC include: ] Maximum user interface updated to see quantity estimate
  • Priority: Low
  • QR codes supporting straight addresses without "Monero" prefix
  • Fixed regression: fox instead of Foxes
  • Performance improvements: Getting started with wallet with hundreds of output
  • Other fixes and improvements were made. [19659] 014] Monero announces updates in April

    Members of the Monero Core team announced that the transition to Github could work if the XMR developer supports the team. The Monero project is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to contribute to existing databases and code, and allows hassle-free and continuous operations.

    Microsoft is combining its strengths with GitHub to make it possible for millions of developers worldwide to contribute to the new coders, and is willing to provide an innovative platform. In April, Monero is an open source network that runs on Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS


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