Monero's founder was talking about ultra luxury watches

Consensus 2018, the world's largest crypto money and blockchain conference, fell behind, and Monero's founder, Ricardo Spagni, found herself in the midst of a debate.

Spagni accused of attempting to fake an announcement and unload a pump during a conference last year , it was quite talked about.

There are only 30 of them in the world at the time, as Spagni has stamped on Consensus 2018.

The cryptographer is now on the agenda with the ultra luxury wristwatch. The handmade Richard Mille branded watch base plate and bridges are extremely durable from grade 5 titanium. The Saatin sales price is just $ 884,000.

Not hesitant to respond to critics in the social media platform Reddit, Spagni wrote under the heading, "This is not a watch, but a prototype of the new Ledger wallet offering Monero support." [19659002]

The Monero developer also tweeted about the topic from his personal Twitter account:

"Consensus 2017: Fluffypony is a terrible man! He made a fake announcement video! I hate him!

Consensus 2018: Fluffypony is a terrible man! He wears an expensive watch! I hate her!

Well, I can not wait to see what I did in Consensus 2019. "

Would you wear a watch like this if you were in Ricardo Spagni's place?

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