Moscow also wants to support Democrats Sanders in the US election campaign

According to a media report, Russia also wants to get involved in the competition for applicants for the presidential candidacy of the Democratic Party in the United States. The Washington Post reported on Friday that US officials had informed Senator Bernie Sanders that Russia was trying to support his application. The goal is to disrupt the competition of the Democrats. The Washington Post and other U.S. media reported Thursday that U.S. intelligence agencies believed Russia would try to interfere in the U.S. election campaign again to help President Donald Trump re-elect.

Sanders is ahead of the other candidates for the Democratic presidential candidacy in polls. In a message from the Senator to the Washington Post It was said that unlike Trump, he did not consider Russian President Vladimir Putin a good friend. "The Russians want to undermine American democracy by dividing us." Sanders added: "Frankly, I don't care who Putin wants as president. My message to Putin is clear: stay out of the American election and, as president, I'll make sure you do that."

The Washington Post reportedIt is not clear in what form Russia wants to support Sanders' campaign. Republican Trump dismissed reports that Russia wanted to support his reelection at an election event in Las Vegas on Friday as "another hoax" by the Democrats. Russia also vehemently opposed the presentation.

According to US intelligence agencies, Russia had already interfered in the election campaign in 2016 in favor of Republican candidate Trump. Trump denies this. According to media reports from Thursday, the new intelligence agency's findings now indicate that Russia wants to interfere in both the Democratic primary and the actual presidential election this year – for example, through hacking attacks, instrumentalizing social media and manipulating the election process , The presidential election in the United States takes place on November 3.


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