Most Ideal Mouse DPI Settings for VALORANT

Riot Games has released its first game in the genre FPS with VALORANT. We have prepared a guide for mouse DPI and sensitivity settings, which are very important for you in FPS games.

Riot Games’ new FPS type game released publicly VALORANT, it is loved and played by many people. Counter Strike: Considered a rival to other FPS games like Global Offensive VALORANT’S audience is expanding. Mouse settings such as DPI and sensitivity also play an important role in FPS games like VALORANT.

We can also help you improve your performance in VALORANT. ideal mouse DPI and sensitivity We have prepared a guide about its settings. At the end of our article, you will be able to adjust your mouse settings and get better in many FPS games, including VALORANT.

Ideal Mouse & DPI adjustments for VALORANT:

  • Turn off mouse acceleration
  • Ideal DPI settings
  • Mouse sensitivity


Turn off mouse acceleration

  • Step # 1: Type “mouse settings” in the Windows search bar
  • Step # 2: Click on “Mouse settings” and click on “Additional mouse options” in the window that opens.
  • Step # 3: Enter the Pointer Options tab at the top of the window that opens.
  • Step # 4: Leave the box next to “Increase pointer sensitivity” empty.
  • Step # 5: After saying “Apply”, the process is complete.

Mouse settings are very important when playing FPS games. Therefore, in order to improve your targeting ability, first of all custom mouse settings you should. The first of these settings is to restrict the effect of Windows on your mouse. To do this, it will be enough to take the steps we just gave you.

So what problem does mouse acceleration pose? Simply put, this option is enabled for Windows affect mouse speed causes. Mouse acceleration automatically increases sensitivity when you move your mouse. In this way, the mouse accelerates as it moves and accelerates automatically. This makes it difficult to target, especially in fast-flowing games like VALORANT.

Valorant DPI

Ideal DPI settings for VALORANT

If you really want to improve your targeting ability in VALORANT and other FPS games, you have to invest well and invest in a gaming mouse. Just because we say good investment doesn’t mean you have to pay huge sums. Famous brands like SteelSeries, Razer and Logitech have budget-friendly gaming mice. However, gaming mice are much more than standard mice different a gaming experience Offers.

As we have said, the main reason for this difference is not how expensive the mouse is. The software produced by the brands in the gaming mouse and many software that can be adjusted thanks to these software feature It features. One of them, as you can imagine DPI setting. You can take a look at our news here to examine in detail what the DPI setting is. In this article, we will help you to find the ideal DPI value.

Low DPI (400-800)

If you set your mouse’s DPI to less than 800, then your mouse’s movement more slowly It will be. This means that you need to move the mouse much more when trying to aim. When you first set this setting to low values, it may seem tiring and disadvantageous to you, but playing with these settings in the long run, your muscle memory Can improve.

Your muscle memory gets used to your style of play and your reflexes develop as you play with a low-DPI mouse. Your target reception thanks to low DPI softer and heavier you can increase your ability to target by getting used to where and how fast you need to move the mouse. The disadvantage of low DPI is that you cannot be able to make sudden movements. So if you have someone shooting at you, you’re likely to be inactive until you return.

High DPI (1000+)

When you increase the DPI value above 1000, now with less wrist motion wider you start getting a field of motion. Since your mouse will now respond to your movements faster, you can move the mouse quite quickly by moving the mouse slightly, but there are also disadvantages.

The advantage of high DPI is that, as we have just said, your mouse moves much faster. If there is an enemy behind you or with you, you can respond more quickly. The disadvantage of high DPI is the mouse too fast your hitting may decrease because it is moving. Targeting requires good experience and habit at high DPI values.

Sensitivity setting

Valorant mouse sensitivity settings

What we are talking about as mouse sensitivity is in VALORANT and other FPS games mouse settings This is the setting you can do in the section. This setting is actually a setting that increases the speed of the mouse as its value increases as many of you know. Although the sensitivity setting seems simple, it is an important place to succeed in FPS-type games.

If you have kept your mouse’s DPI low, it will be useful to raise the mouse sensitivity a little higher. Otherwise, you may need to move from one end of the table to the other to move the mouse. If the DPI value is high, this ratio will be kept by keeping the mouse sensitivity low. You can balance.

Which DPI setting should I choose?

Valorant DPI

We cannot say for sure what DPI setting you should choose, as this purely personal is a preference, but we can still give you some advice. First of all, when you choose DPI, you want to play the game your role Consider. Besides, after choosing the DPI and sensitivity setting, habitual process remember.

Firstly 400 and 800 Try low DPI values ​​like and practice in games. If the mouse is slow, it makes you uncomfortable. 1000-1500 you can bring between. If this is not enough, you can try higher DPI values. After this stage, you can finish the job by making in-game settings.

After completing the DPI settings, you can also adjust the in-game mouse sensitivity little by little. After the mouse settings you feel most comfortable, you will practice the mouse movements over time and play the game much better. We have explained how you can make optimal mouse DPI and sensitivity settings for VALORANT and other FPS games. Your ideas and the settings you use comments You can share with us.