Mothers Feel the Earthquake at Least 10 Seconds

Are our little friends, cats, pre-aware of earthquakes? Images of an earthquake in Japan, reflected in security cameras in a shelter, show how logical this question is.

On June 18, an earthquake of 6.1 magnitude occurred in Japan's Osaka city. You are accustomed to earthquake news from Japan, you are used to Japanese at least as much as we are. Are the cat in Japan aware of everything?

Unfortunately during this earthquake, 5 people lost their lives. During the events, images recorded on the field in the cats on the animal shelter showed something different. In a serious time before the earthquake, the keds in the room are starting to move.

It is seen that the cats in the shelter acted at the same moment:

There are numerous reports that some animal species exhibit bizarre behavior before earthquakes. The earthquakes of animals are not as psychic as you think they are before you feel and feel. For we can not feel all the animations on earth. However, the biology of animals is different from ours. Seismic fluctuations that people can not perceive can easily be felt by animals. Nevertheless, it should be said that the images from Japan are extremely interesting.

It is worth seeing again the very interesting moments that lived at first:

In Japan, there is early warning systems, the latest product of technology. Earthquakes, which are natural disasters that occur very frequently in the country, are a situation that people are getting used to. Only from time to time you can not prevent people from losing their lives. Apparently the pussies are quite advantageous for us.