Motorcycle manufacturers go astray: Ducati presents foldable e-bikes

Considering the trend to avoid local public transport in the pandemic, electric bikes can make a lot of money. Ducati also sees and has three new electric bikes presented, which are particularly interesting because of their design, but also because of the possibility of folding.

Small and wide tires

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The e-bike Ducati Scrambler SCR-E with small, but wide and coarse tires should also work well off the road. The 20-inch tires are about 10 cm wide. The suspension fork should absorb shocks. The folding option is located on the top tube, directly behind the integrated battery. LED headlights are installed in the frame. The rear light is built into the seat post. With a mudguard and rear luggage rack, the SCR-E can also be used in everyday life. The bike’s 375 Wh battery is in the aluminum frame and is said to be sufficient for a range of up to 70 km. Front and rear disc brakes are designed to provide safe deceleration. So far there is no information on the derailleur used.

Full suspension and battery in the frame

The second pedelec is the Ducati SCR-E Sport with full suspension. The rear wheel is suspended via a damper above the crank, there is a suspension fork at the front. This bike also uses 20-inch wheels, with no classic spoke wheels. The tires are also less large and more suitable for the city. Fenders are also available, but a luggage rack is missing. Integrated lighting systems were dispensed with and a single headlight was used instead. The battery with 470 Wh capacity is significantly larger, the range should be about 80 km.

Motorcycle design for an e-bike

The Ducati Urban-E is the optically most interesting bike of the trio. The folding e-bike has a suspension fork at the front and a slightly longer frame with the indicated tank, which of course only holds the 375 Wh battery. Here and on the rear mud flap, it cannot be denied that the design comes from a motorcycle manufacturer.

Ducati Urban-E (Image: Ducati)

Disc brakes and derailleur gears were also installed on this bike. The double headlight is integrated in the frame.

Further technical data, prices and publication dates are still missing. In addition to this motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson has also announced e-bikes. And even if Ducati’s boss Claudio Domenicali revealed his assessment a year and a half ago that Ducati’s future was in electric motorcycles – such a vehicle is still missing.

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