Motorola Razr V4 to Swipe Galaxy X

While Samsung may be the biggest player in the foldable smartphone category, the device it showed at SDC 2018 was not the kind that would impress consumers. Motorola is able to attract more consumers with its foldable Razr v4

We know that almost all major manufacturers in the smartphone market, except Apple, are working on foldable smartphones. Foldable smartphones will open a new category for the sector. This means that brands that cannot catch the output they are looking for will have the opportunity to bring themselves to the forefront by offering a different feature on their folding smartphones.


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Like all companies, Motorola is also working on foldable smartphones. The difference is that Motorola will be able to combine a completely new technology for the smartphone industry with foldable displays, which are recognized by consumers with retro design lines. So at least the claims are in this direction. If these claims are true, Motorola will be able to completely forget the Galaxy X, which will be Samsung's foldable phone in two different areas.

Familiar Design

According to the latest information, the design of the foldable smartphone will be the reference of the Razr series. The difference is that the screen of a device in the screen will be the appearance of a single screen in half, rather than physical keys. Moreover, a compact smartphone screen will be available on the outside when the device is folded.


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The allegations are that Motorola has developed a device that comes to a standard smartphone, not a smartphone that is partially tableted when it is turned on. So, Motorola is not just a smartphone with a bigger screen, but a compact smartphone that you can fold in and pocket. This is a big plus for those who don't want a huge screen phone.

The Motorola Razr V4 does not need a huge battery because it does not have a huge display. The device can therefore have a slim and light design. The Samsung Foldable Smartphone that we saw in SDC 2018 was a very stylish device, but when it folded it was almost a brick. What's more, two separate 2190mAh batteries make the device quite heavy compared to a standard smartphone.


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To sum up, Motorola is developing an easy-to-carry foldable smartphone to enhance its ’mobile [capabilitiesSamsungshowedaheavyandbulkyfoldablesmartphonethatdidn'tcrippleUnderthesecircumstanceswecansaythatMotorolahasthepotentialtoleavebehindtheGalaxyXwithRazrv4