Mozilla: Firefox 76 extends password protection

Firefox developers from Mozilla have Version 76 of their browser released. Important innovations in the current version relate above all to the new integrated password manager Lockwise. For the first time, this now also protects the stored passwords against unwanted access by third parties, even if users have not assigned a master password. The master password for Firefox can of course continue to be used, even if the browser does not force it.

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For the new password protection, the browser now uses the integrated functions of Windows and MacOS. Users have to authenticate themselves in the dialog for the saved passwords in the browser with their system user password. The function is useful for situations in which the screen lock is not activated. The function is not yet available on Linux.

In addition, Mozilla has further expanded the functions of the password manager. For example, generating random passwords for logins and storing the data should also work more reliably for services that previously could not be used. In addition, the browser now shows warnings when a saved password has also been used for a website that was affected by a data leak.

For video-in-picture mode of videos, Firefox now supports maximizing the video with a double click and, as an experiment, also enforcing HTTPS connections at the user's request. This requires the option in about: config to be activated. Thanks to some adjustments, Jitsi Meet should now run better in Firefox. The same applies to the Zoom web client, which can now be used thanks to the support for audio worklets.

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