Mozilla Wants Help From Users When Rebuilding Firefox

Mozilla decides to re-brand Firefox and specifically wants users to comment on new logo designs.

Mozilla started to work on improving the browser image that Firefox has drawn in its head and changing its image along with its service area, focused on visual designs for new extensions that will be developed together.

Branding and constant brand newness efforts are generally critically important, however, so when brands like the internet are changing rapidly, brands need to be much more innovative and up-to-date. Mozilla also wants to change the visual orientation of Firefox for similar purposes because, according to the company, the figure of 'fire fox' does not offer a design area large enough for new applications and attachments to the brand.

Mozilla has decided to redesign the brand and Firefox is not serious in every detail except name. The team working on the brand designs came up with two different options:

The first icons in both options were designed for the new brand logo, which will take the place of fire from the fire. Mozilla wants users to choose the 'firefox' word and the logo that best represents the brand and is the closest to life in their minds when making the choice in this phase. The rest of the alternatives represent, in turn, the icons for general browsing (like the developer version), the icons for individual browser services such as Firefox Focus and Firefox Reality, and the last two 5 icons for the application icons.


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Mozilla did not provide any surveys for users, but said they wanted users to be able to express their opinions in the blog post, especially if new images still feel like 'firefox'. Mozilla also said that the alternate images are still being developed and will be reshaped in a big way, according to comments.