Mozilla's New Browser Can Be Controlled by Sound

Mozilla, with its own motto "good people's browser", will offer voice control with a newly designed browser.

Mozilla is working on a new voice command system, saying that they provide a safer, healthier and faster internet for everyone's benefit. Voice assistants are now a technology we have become accustomed to and used frequently. Mozilla plans to bring this system to browsers.

This will automatically provide services such as the weather for the assistant, match results or important news. One of Mozilla's first goals for the assistant is to allow a visually impaired individual to access the browser without any help from anyone and easily access the content they want.


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The voice assistant called Scout is still in the developmental stage for now. In the past year, Mozilla has launched a common sound project and has collected over 10,000 hours to improve speech recognition for applications that are aiming at audio. It is being discussed that the Scout application may be a project that will benefit from this audio database created.

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