Mr. Steven Trying to Catch the Rockets

One of the biggest pieces of Musk's large-scale recycling plan. Steven tries to catch the rockets from the rockets, but he isn't very successful. They even re-use the parts of the Falcon-9 that had been flying before, but Elon Musk wants to re-use the coatings. Find all these pieces, too.

SpaceX released a video this week from its official Twitter account. In the video Steveniyors attempting to catch a piece is displayed. From the helicopter, trying to catch a parachute coating. Steven misses the target and the coating falls into the sea.

Mr. Steven tried to catch a nose cone (the headline at the end of the rockets) that fell in February 2018, but he failed. Fortunately, little contact with water does not make these parts completely unusable.


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In December, Musk said in his tweet: as Half of the Falcon's coating missed the net and had a little touch with water. Mr. Steven took it back. Our plan is to dry and re-run. A little bit of nothing. 19