MSI’s and DDR4 RAM Overclocked Records

Among those who like to use the capacities of their computer parts to the fullest, MSI is also. The company’s new DDR4 RAM Overclock record is not quite a record we can break at home.

Everyone interested in computers was curious for a while overclockis the subject of our news from time to time with new and interesting initiatives. This time for overclocking, which is usually done by independent users MSI itself took action.

Obtained for a DDR4 RAM in MSI’s study highest overclocking speed managed to achieve. Hive Yang, in his work 8GB HyperX Predator used. The memory speed is normally 2,400MHz, but for MSI, this figure was too low.

System that will not be tried at home

liquid nitrogen

In the study by Kovan Yang of MSI team, RAM’s speed was at full speed. 7,156MHz and almost tripled it. The cooling device used to reach this speed is something that is almost impossible for us to use in our homes: liquid nitrogen.

For a trial in the system 11th generation Intel Core i9 processor was used. The overclocking master, who dropped liquid nitrogen on the processor, tried to prevent the device from becoming unusable as a result of overheating despite the very high speeds.


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In the above table of features 3578MHz as MSI’s speed even though it seems to be, the actual value is twice what it says here. The explanation of the DDR part of DDR4 is already mentioned as a double data rate in our language.

Liquid nitrogen studies draw attention

cooling system


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Another recent overclocking work came from Bethesda. The famous company, in his study used liquid nitrogen again and tried to reach 1000 FPS in Doom Eternal. We’ve seen in both studies that to get to these points you need a friend who is constantly shedding liquid nitrogen.

Thanks to its liquid nitrogen system, MSI is now the company with the highest speed. If you still need such dramatic increases, you alternatives other than liquid nitrogen try to find.

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