Murat Yildirim made a statement about the Chinese Seddi Sorusu!

Murat Yıldırım, the host of the competition, also spoke about the Chinese Seddi question, which was asked in the competition "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" And is viral in social media.

The famous information contest that many of us watched fondly, ? 'can sometimes be the scene with amazing and funny images. At this point, one of the most talked about in recent days was a contestant who did not know where the Chinese Great Wall was.

The young woman who was sure of the expiration of the jokers that she spent, was able to successfully surrender the question. However, the users in the Turkish press and social media platforms reacted very much to this situation. The fact that such a general and widespread subject was unknown, frankly made us suspect about the education system.


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Murat Yildirim, who was interviewed with his wife in Nişantaşı and answered the questions of the journalists, answered the questions about the competitor who could not answer the question "Where is the Chinese policeman?" Yıldırım said, "But I think the competitor called a calf under a little ox to be sure of his answer, so I still have to criticize anyone very much, and as a result Turkish young people are always in a state of dullness with their intelligence and morality."