Music Changes Taste from Foods

5 scientific studies claiming that sound frequencies affect people's sense of taste

BBC radio programmer and food expert Dan Saladino claimed that our ears were affecting our sense of taste. The music played according to Saladino influences the taste we get from the food we eat.


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Moreover, it is not the only professional name that gives opinion on this issue; In this article we will examine 7 researches that are related to the relationship between music and taste.

Treble Sounds Sweeties Making Sweet

According to a study by Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, shrill voices allow me to get better sugary tastes. On the subject it is known that many restaurant owners are involved.

Fee Impact on Music

Leicester University's academician, who explains that classical music played in restaurants feels more prestigious. Adrian North stated that customers feel richer and feel moderate to high fees spent on menus.

Sound Height Affects Our Food Preferences

From South Florida University researchers Dr.

According to Biswas research, music presented with sounds below 55 decibels directs people to healthier foods, while sounds above 70 decibels cause people to prefer fatty foods. The mystery behind this is based on the fact that music over 70 decibels puts people into a kind of stress and this stress leads people to heavier food.

Taste of food is different than on airplanes

Sound frequencies above 89 decibels from the aircraft engine affect the sense of taste of the person in the negative. The effect of high decibelin is quite high after this dishmarking of airplane dishes that are tasteless.

Music Can Have an Impact on Wine

Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, who advocates that pitched sounds allow me to get more sugary tastes, says that listening to music during wine tasting is an effective factor in perceiving the taste of the entourage and suggesting sweet, salty or aromatic flavors with the right music selection.