Musk comment on bot accounts on Twitter: I want to know you my stout!

Social media platform Twitter has been outbreaking a crypto para scambot for months – and the situation is so outrageous that even Elon Musk is talking about himself.

But Musk, like everyone else, 'impression that the person running the bot network is affected.

Musk's tweet was:

"I want to know who ran Etherium scambots! Mad skillz … "

Vitalik Buterin also wrote about this tweet of Musk, who tweeted about Ethereum for the first time. Buterin seemed disappointed that Musk was not a technology of talking about Ethereum, but a fraud epidemic. The founder of Ethereum said, "I would like Elon Musk's first tweet about Ethereum to be about technology instead of fraudsters on Twitter." Then Buterin, who labeled Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, said, "Please help us."

he is defrauding people by targeting people who have the ability to influence the society. The method is simple and … A profile that imitates it under a new tweet of a famous name claims that they will transfer a certain amount of adrese crypto money from the users and send it as a gift of more than the transferred crypto money. Of course, they do not send any crypto money.

When they first appeared, this system was operated manually. Now it seems that special boots have been developed for this.

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